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Friday, May 19

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Thursday, October 13

Pizza Man

Joanne lives by herself in an inner city apartment and doesn't like to cook. She browses the takeaway brochures stuck to her fridge by the numerous and colourful magnets she has collected over the years and decides upon pizza. Not normally a pizza kind of person she gazes upon the menu anyway and chooses something. Once again dinner for one.

She rings them up, places her order deciding not to give in to their suggestive selling on garlic bread and sits down in front of the TV while she waits the 45mins they said it would take to arrive.

Switching through the channels she happens upon her favourite add. The "Diet Coke Guy". She drools as he goes about his business on the television screen, bending over to pick something up, sweat glistening down his muscular body as he walks out the door with all the other women in the ad perving on his tight buns as he leaves.
"It's getting a little warm in here", she thinks as the TV flashes back to what ever show was running in between images of hot sweaty men going about their business. Normally shy, she decides to take off her t-shirt to get a little more comfortable in the escalating heat of her tiny apartment.

Her shirt hits the floor after her casual toss and she gazes down at her ample bosoms. As she looks down she wonders what all the fuss is about. "Why do men find them so irresistible?" she ponders. She does however admit to herself how good it feels to have them touched. Caressed slowly by a skilled hand, maybe licked by a warm tongue or kissed by tender lips. She smiles fondly as she remembers past times she has enjoyed such things. These thoughts however only make her grow warmer still.
She feels not only the air around her becoming warmer but other parts of her body. Parts that are even more sensitive that her breasts. She decides to take off her pants. She moves her hands underneath to grab the elastic in her pants and pulls them down over her hips. She realises as she does this that she is taking her panties off at the same time. Panties that are by now a little wetter than they were just 5 minutes ago. This brings a smile to her face as she whisks them off a little hurriedly and throws them to the floor where her t-shirt now lies.
Now lying on the lounge naked she thinks to herself "What if the Pizza guy gets here while I'm lying here naked on the lounge?" "hmmm what if he did come hmmmm" the thought starts to excite her even more and she feels herself becoming even hotter and wetter. Almost absent mindedly a hand starts to slowly drift down her body. Gently making its soft sliding way down her slender curves and reaches the source of her warmth. Without thinking she starts to touch herself, surprised at how wet she is.
After a time that actually seemed like no time at all the door bell rings. "Oh my gosh. The pizza guy is here already!!!" She rushes into her small bedroom and franticly searches for a bathrobe or at least a long t-shirt that would cover everything. Finding a small bathrobe that just covers her down to the middle of her thighs she goes to answer the door. The doorbell rings again and she cries "I'm coming!" She almost was when it rang the first time.

She grabs the money off the coffee table she had put aside earlier and races to the door. As she open it she realises she hasn't got enough to give him a tip.
She takes the pizza, gives him the money and then a dirty little idea pops into her head. As she is handing him the last coin she "accidentally drops it on the floor inside her apartment. She says "sorry for that", turns around grins mischievously and bends over from the waist.

The astonished pizza guy is mesmerised at the site he sees before him. Bending over in front of him is one of the sexiest women he has ever seen! Her juicy, wet pussy yawning in front of him almost begging, pleading to be touched by a strong guiding hand.
Joanne stays bent over in front of him, a look of urgency mixed with impatience etched across her face as she hopes against hope that this pizza guy, this man she does not even know, this boy she has never seen before will make a move and finish the work that she has started lying naked on the lounge.

And then it happens. Like a bolt of lightning streaking up her body, she feels the warm touch of his young fingers against the smooth skin of her gaping pussy. Electrifying as it surges through her as he penetrates deeper and deeper inside her. First 1, then 2 then 3 fingers are now sliding into her moist lips and gliding along her rock hard clit as she touches the floor with her hands. She starts to rock softly back and forward in time with his smooth firm motion, intensifying the sensation of this unknown man being in her.

Suddenly and without warning she is almost knocked unconscious with pleasure as the feeling of his long hot tongue plunging deep, deep into her sends her wild. Licking madly he manages to penetrate her further than any other man ever has with his tongue. Sucking on her clit she is almost unable to control herself with the waves upon waves of delight and pleasure descend over her.

She quickly pulls away from him as she feels herself almost slipping over the edge of an orgasm. Lying on the floor her legs spread as wide and she can possibly make them she commands him to "Shut the door, take your pants off and fuck me hard!"
He can not believe what he is seeing before him but of course he complies to her demands. His shoes are briskly thrown across the room followed shortly by his pants. He stands before her, his cock like a Grecian stone pillar rising from his hips as if to say. "are you ready for this?"

"Fuck me" she commands again as he drops himself to the floor and lowers himself over her. Hardly waiting for him for enter her she thrusts her hips up to meet his as he drops himself. They meet in a gigantic crash of excitement and passion as she pumps her self against his throbbing cock. Impaling herself against him as he returns her enthusiasm with his own young eagerness they race each other towards they own climactic goals.

Harder and faster they hit at each other, Joanne has not known herself to show such heat and fury during love making however she would not call this making love. This is more like red hot, furious sweaty sex.

Her soaking pussy tightens around his rock hard dick and she feels that she is going to win the race. She wants to cum first so she can see the look in his excited eye as he expends his hot salty load into her.

He is starting to pump her impossibly fast now and her pussy becomes tighter and tighter. She can feel the sensation welling from within her and she knows she is going to cum very soon.

She slams her body against him in her final throes before she cums. Almost cataclysmically she feels it cumming, cumming cumming and cumming until finally her body releases the biggest and hardest orgasm she has ever had. She convulses under this unknown man in a fit hot pleasure and pure satisfaction. Her pussy becomes impossibly wet as she pushes against him to get everything she can from his young cock.

Seeing that she has beaten him to the finish line he doesn't hold anything back now and finally his cock explodes into her waiting pussy. Gushing his wet young cum into her already dripping pussy. He slows a little as he finishes and his face goes back into its normal position from the contorted look of pleasure it occupied seconds ago.
Joanne forgets to look into his eyes as he cums but she doesn't care. She lies back and relaxes as he with draws his spent penis from her and gets up to look for his pants.

As he walks out the door he calls "Thanks for the tip".

"No thankyou" she replies

Sunday, November 14

Long Lunch

As she downed the end of her third drink, Jane's thoughts became increasingly erotic to the point of being dirty.

Conjuring up lurid images of men from the past, filling in the blanks for parts she can't remember or changing parts that could have been better.

Her free hand began to caress her inner thigh as she recalled a specifically enjoyable experienced that occurred in her own home.

It was around 6 months ago when Jane happened to meet a handsome young man at a business lunch with a few clients. She sat across from him and all through lunch they exchanged fleeting glances over white wines and as the late lunch continued they moved on to cocktails. The once fleeting glances became longer and more frequent, leading to casual brushes of their feet under the table as the alcohol removed inhibitions.

As the lunch came to a close, Jane felt she was in no shape to return to the office after having a few too many cocktails. She located the handsome young man she was making fevered eye contact with and asked if he could drive her home as she was feeling a little under the weather.

"Of course my fair lady. It would be a privilege" he replied with a knowing twinkle in his eye and a growing firmness below his belt. He held open the passenger side door to his convertible sports car and could not help but marvel at her shapely legs and firm, ample breasts as she lowered herself into the car.

Jane knew her skirt was riding scandalously up her thighs but she did not care. In fact she loved it. She could almost feel the gaze of the ruggedly handsome man sitting next to her and was also becoming quite turned on by the open admiration being paid to her by motorists in 4WD's and other large cars whose drivers craned their necks for a second look as they drove past.

She led Matthew inside with the promise of a cool drink and proceeded to sit on the lounge as he was closing the front door. As he was playing with the dead bolt, a devilish smile crossed her face as an equally devilish thought crossed her mind. When he turned around, Jane drew her black skirt up to her waist and lifted her legs up to the seat of the lounge, spreading them almost to a 180 degree angle to reveal her red silk g-string that matched the colour of the tight fitting top that clung to her heaving breasts. Her wetness showed through the material as he looked on in a state of semi shock.

"I have something for you to drink here" she said with a sultry tone that turned his manhood instantly to stone.He knelt on the floor in front of her as she parted her g-string panties before his hungry mouth, inviting him to drink of her lusciously wet lips. And he drank.

He was not gentle as his face thrust towards her warm moist pussy and deeply penetrated it with his long probing tongue. Jane was equally wild as she ground her hips into his face. The soft yielding flesh between her milky thighs gave way to him as the gyrations of his practiced tongue grew stronger, deeper and faster.

When Jane came it was like an explosion of ecstasy emanating from deep within her that spread like electric waves of pleasure washing over her still nubile body that seemed to tighten around his gifted tongue. As the sensations subsided she looked upon him and marvelled at the immense pleasure he seemed to gain from dispensing it to her.

Jane returned the favour to Matthew as he lay back on the lounge with a far away look in his eyes until he too was close to a fantastic climax. Having removed her red top whilst being pleasured by Matthew, she leant forward and placed his hard throbbing cock between her ample bosom until he blew his hot sticky load over her chest. He moaned with delight as he shuddered his final thrust into her large wet breasts that accepted his semen willingly.

She never saw him again after that, however she often thinks about the man who showed her how good it could feel to have someone go down on her after having been disappointed so often in the past when men had attempted to do it.

When Jane came back into the real world from her short journey into her erotic past, she found that her now warm and sticky fingers had been exploring the regions of her body that longed for the touch of a man. Places that have for too long been wanting for a firm hand or the heat of experienced manhood. Her fingers continued to absent mindedly toy with the soft warm flesh that lay beneath her skimpy panties while her thoughts continued, fired by scotch and desire.
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